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3 Exercises You Can Do In Bed To Tone Your Thighs And Burn The Excess Fat

Regardless of how you spend the day: working at your desk,  later you drive home and mostly do chores, there are 3 exercises that will help you be a little bit more active when you don’t have time.

Lack of time is certainly the most universal excuse for people who are not engaged in any kind of physical activity and exercise. That’s why one of the most widespread problems is excess weight.  Fat reduction doesn’t come easily, but keep reading to find out how you can achieve your goal. In some women, excess fat is specifically stored in the thighs before menopause. At this time, the body is shaped into a ‘pear’.

In most cases, the storage of fat in women goes to the thighs, which is actually the fault of the genes. They cause hormones and enzymes in our body to direct excess calories into fat cells in the hips and thighs.

So if you don’t have the time to exercise during the day, but you want to slim and tone your thighs, you can try doing the following exercises when you go to bed.

3 Simple Exercises You Can Do In Bed

1. Internal thigh area

The first exercise is quite simple. You can start exercising when you go to bed. This exercise will help you burn the fat that accumulated in your inner thighs, which is the hardest fat to burn.  What you should do is lay on your bed. Then, turn your body sideways. Lift your right leg a little bit but keep it straight, and bend your left leg in your knee. Then, bend up your right leg in the knee and straighten it up. Just like you running sideways.

Do a series of 10 repeats.  Then, turn over to the other side and repeat this exercise with your other leg.

2. Back thigh area

Lay in bed with your legs bend over in the knees. Your feet should touch the bed. Keep your arms by your legs for support. Now, lift one leg up and point the toes towards the ceiling. Then lift your butt and move backward and forward with the leg towards your back and body. Do a series of 10 reps.  In the end, switch up your leg and do 10 reps.

thigh exercise

3. Frontal thigh area

The last exercise is very similar to the second one. Just lay on the bed and lift both of your legs up so you form a 90 degrees angle. Then, bend your knees a little bit and lower one leg in line with your butt. Keep your leg there. Next, lower the other leg so it gets to line with your other leg. After that just return to the previous position (90 degrees angle). Repeat this exercise 10 times with both of your legs.

Easy, right? You can fall asleep afterward. These exercises are not specialized only for women, men can do them too. They require minimum effort but the results will be visible in no time.

Reference: 3-minute in-bed workout to eliminate fat and tone up the thighs

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