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Top 9 Tips On How To Put The Bathroom Products Into Use

There are several ways to make use of the bathroom products that you probably aren’t aware of. Sometimes, you might just stuff your bathroom with a lot of supplies, with zero understanding of the other ways in which they can be used. Below are some tips and tricks that you can implement, in the comfort of your home.

By trying these tricks, you’ll make sure you get your money’s worth, from all bathroom products you buy.

How To Put The Bathroom Products Into Use

1. Use A Razor To De-Pill Clothes

So, you have a used shaving razor at home, and you also have some clothes, with the wool starting to come off. You can use the razor to de-pill the clothes. Isn’t it amazing? It’s how wonders happen!

2. Use Nail Polish Remover To Wash Off Permanent Marker

Do you know the best way to remove a permanent mark on your skin? Just apply a small amount of nail polish remover on a cotton wool, and rub it on the spot of the mark.

3. Use A Flat-Iron To De-Wrinkle Your Clothes

Are your clothes all wrinkled and rough looking? Are you in a hurry and don’t have time for ironing? Besides for your hair, flat-iron can come in quite handy in situations like these. Use the flat-iron on them.

4. Use Lipstick As A Blush In A Pinch

Want to save some money? Cut a few bucks on make-up. Don’t buy blush. And, don’t worry, we have a solution. Just apply a little bit of lipstick above your cheeks and spread to seem like a blush on your face.

5. Use Shaving Cream To Remove Makeup Stains

Got make-up stains on your shirt? Don’t panic. Put a little bit of shaving cream on the spot and after a few minutes, use water to rinse it off.

6. Use Hair Conditioner To Shave

Can you guess what leaves the skin needing no lotion after a shave? A hair conditioner! Rub a little bit on your skin, leave it for a few minutes and then shave. You’ll feel the smoothness of your skin immediately after the shaving.

7. Rub An Alcohol Mouthwash On A Fresh Bruise

One of the best ways to heal a fresh bruise is by using mouthwash that has alcohol. Pour small amount of the mouthwash on the bruised spot. Repeat the treatment 3 times a day. In two days, the place will be clear of any bruise.

bathroom products

8. Use Deodorant To Prevent Blisters From New Shoes

Apply deodorant on the inner edges of your shoes. Once dry, you can wear them. You’ll feel the sudden comfort in your legs, and you’ll prevent the appearance of blisters. This trick is especially practical for new shoes.

9. Use Coconut Oil To Tame Your Flyaways, Remove Makeup, And As An Aftershave

Coconut oil is perfect for almost anything. You can use it to keep your hair flyaways smooth. Also, it comes in quite handy when you need to remove your makeup, or to smoothen the skin after shaving.

Aren’t these tips and tricks great? You simply have to try them on your own, and experience the magic! Don’t forget to share your experience with others! You can also share it with us, in the comment section down below.

Watch the video below for more details.

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