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Not All Is Lost: Unshrink Your Clothes With One Simple And Effective Trick

Probably all of us at least once in our life, because of inadequate maintenance, ‘destroyed’ our favorite piece of clothing. If you made mistake with the temperature of washing or drying and you reduce your clothes by several numbers, so it is suitable for your several years younger nephew then we got a solution.

Now you don’t have to throw your shrunk clothes but return them to normal and wear them once again. Simple and successful fashion rescue could work on all woolen garments, as well as those made from other natural materials, especially cotton.

We take you through a few simple steps after which your favorite piece of clothing will take on the original form.

How To Unshrink Your Clothes  

For this trick, you will need:

  • One bowl filled with lukewarm almost cold water
  • Fabric softener, baby shampoo or hair conditioner
  • Towel
  • Pins
  • A large flat plate or board


In the bowl filled with water add a little bit of the softener (baby shampoo or hair conditioner) and mix the ingredient with your hands. Then soak your clothes in the bowl one by one. Let them stand for about 30 minutes to absorb the water and softener. Afterward, wring them out.  Put them on a flat towel and stretch it out. Roll the towel together with the clothes so it can absorb the water.

Afterward, stretch the clothing slowly with your hands to the width you want and place them on the flat board.  In the end, attach the pins to the base of your clothes. Leave them to dry and finish the molding by ironing at the appropriate temperature.

Watch the video down below for more info on the procedure. You successfully complete the fashions rescue. Good luck to you too, and we hope that you will return your favorite dress to the previous state with the help of this trick.

Tip:  Regardless of material, clothing may shrink with washing even though you follow the temperature rules. That’s why we recommend buying a slightly larger number of what you normally wear. This rule especially applies to clothes made of cotton and wool.

Reference: How To Unshrink Your Clothes In 3 Simple Steps
Here’s an easy way to unshrink your clothes

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