How To Upgrade Your Home Without Breaking The Bank

Whether you want to spruce up your home to increase its resale value, or you just need to bring back some excitement in your home, an upgrade is important. While we love home upgrades, based on how much you want to change, they can be very expensive, with an endless process of engaging contractors, getting permits for the remodelling, etc. And all this can be overwhelming!

But, don’t you worry! We have put together some incredible home upgrading tips, which are easy to carry out as DIY projects, and they will save you loads of cash.

Let’s get started!

Kitchen Upgrade

1. Tired of your old kitchen cabinets? Instead of replacing the cabinets altogether, why not make them new by painting them a different color. It will not only give your kitchen a completely new fresh look, but will also save you loads of cash.

2. Stainless steel is very chic, but replacing appliances in the kitchen, such as a fridge, just to get that stainless steel effect can be super expensive. Instead, paint over your appliances, to give them that desired stainless steel look.

3. Faux granite counter tops are just amazing, but they cost a fortune. You can give your kitchen countertops that granite look, using a DIY painting kit.

4. Need to replace the kitchen tiles? Instead of using the conventional tiles, which require some skill to install, go for new tile backsplash, by using peel and stick tiles that are easy to install and you will not need to use grout.

Bathroom Upgrade

1. Cracked sinks and bathtubs can make your bathroom look so old and drab. With some caulking, you can re-seal the cracks and give your bathroom a facelift.

2. Give your bathroom an entirely new look by upgrading some of the fixtures, such as showerheads and faucets, for as little as $25 to $30.

3. Revamp your bathroom tiles using the tile backsplash, by peeling and sticking tiles easily, as opposed to doing an entire tile replacement.

Other Rooms

1. Instead of buying new couches and sofa sets, reupholster the fabric on your existing ones. Or, use slipcovers to give them a whole new look. You could also rearrange the furniture, to create a completely new environment.


2. Applying a fresh coat of paint, or changing the wallpaper can change the entire look of a room.

3. Use magnetic shades on your recessed lighting instead of the conventional shades that require electrical work.

4. Hang mirrors on opposite walls in your living room, to make it look bigger and brighter.

5. Small decorative items, such as lamps, mini-lanterns, wall paintings, flower vases and the like, can help in making your space look and feel new.

6. Give your home that historic charm by installing easy to fix crown moldings.

7. Add texture and character to your wall by using the peel and stick wall panels, available from Amazon for as little as $20.

There are hundreds of ways to spruce up your home on a budget. Start with the ones we’ve shared, and see how much more you’ll love your new space.

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