How To Use Cherries As Pain Relief +Other Amazing Health Benefits Of Cherries

Here comes the season of cherries and sour cherries, so it’s not a bad idea to know the following things about this extremely healthy fruit. Cherries and sour cherries also contain pigments of anthocyanins, which give them a dark red color. Regarding the level of antioxidants they contain, cherries are on top of the list.

Juice of cherry, as well as dried cherry, contains even more antioxidants than blueberries, and certainly have more vitamin E.

Health Benefits Of Cherries

Cherries contain vitamins A, B, and C, bioflavonoids, ellagic acid, anthocyanin, and melatonin. These ingredients help in the fight against cancer, prevent heart disease, relieve pain, ease symptoms associated with the fibromyalgic syndrome.  Cherries help make our body produce melatonin in a safe and healthy way, which improves your sleep.

  1. Heart health

Flavonoid (quercetin) is known for its anti-cancer properties and helps prevent heart disease. Cherries are considered nutritional as an important source of quercetin because they contain large quantities of this compound.

  1. Pain relief

Anthocyanins in cherries reduce the pain and obstruct inflammatory enzymes.  Moreover 20 cherries a day are 10 times more effective than aspirin. They can help you in case of headaches, joint, and muscle pain.

  1. Bone health

Cherries are considered to be an excellent source of boron (the amount in them is 396u.g per 100 g), which in combination with magnesium and calcium has an extremely beneficial effect on bone health.

  1. Healthy kidneys

It’s not just the fruit of cherry that is healthy – from cherry stems and leaves are also great for you. You can make tea from them to get rid of the kidney stones. For tea preparation, you will need one handful cherry leaves and 1 liter of water. Cook the tea on medium heat for about two minutes, and then leave it for 15 minutes to cool down. Strain the liquid and drink it throughout the day.

  1. Maintain healthy weight

This healthy fruit contains no fat and only four calories, which is great if you watch what you eat. However, you will still power your body with healthy minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, and fiber.


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What are cherries good for?

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