Warm Vs Cold Water: Which Is Better And When To Drink

Water is the source of life. We are all familiar with that satisfying feeling when we quench our thirst with a glass of this precious liquid.

But, is it important if we drink hot or cold liquids? Do you know the answer to this question? We did a research and found out that both have beneficial effects on the human health.

Traditional medicine such as Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of the temperature of the water we drink. Extreme temperatures are not recommended – neither ice nor hot.

Here we show you when you should drink cold, and when hot liquids, of course, at a reasonable temperature.

When To Drink Cold Water?

After Exercise

During physical activity, the body temperature rises, and sweating is a mechanism by which the body tries to cool down. While we exercise, we lose a lot of fluids. And when we drink cold water during that exercise, we help rehydrate the body much faster and cool down the heated muscles.

So, after an intense workout, the recommended liquid is a little cooler than room temperature.


Drinking cold liquids when you have a fever is one of the methods that will help you cool down your body temperature. It is very important that you get enough fluids while you have a fever, to help your body to get through the infection. Add a little bit of lemon juice and sea salt to the water, to make up for the lost electrolytes.

Weight Loss

Cold fluids can accelerate the metabolism and help you lose additional 70 calories per day. Although not exactly the ideal anti-obesity solution, over time, it can help you lose weight. Otherwise, this quantity of calories, on average, is lost during a 15-minute walk.

When To Drink Hot Water?


According to the Ayurveda medicine, hot beverages in the morning and after a meal can help and encourage our digestion. If you drink cold water after a meal, your body will find it harder to digest food because more energy is needed for the digestion process.



When it comes to cleaning the body from toxins, water can be helpful. It is recommended to pour a few drops of lemon in a glass of lukewarm water and start the day. In addition to lemon, you can add cucumber juice, apple juice, mint or cinnamon, which will additionally help the detoxification.

Against Pain

If you have headaches or some kind of an inflammation, it is better to drink warm beverages that stimulate blood circulation. In addition, hot water can help you relieve menstrual cramps.


If you have constipation, hot beverages are your best option. This will help you solve the problems that are causing constipation, and it’ll provide your body with the necessary amounts of fluids.

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