7 Ways You Can Use WD-40 In Your Home

The WD-40 is a pretty incredible product that you can use in many different ways. No home should be without a can of this magic fluid since it can be used for lubricating metal parts, cleaning various things, and even help to open the zipper.

Here are some lesser-known uses of the WD-40.

7 Amazing And Unexpected Uses Of WD-40

Remove carpet stains

What you need to do is to spray a little bit on the stain and after a few minutes clean it. Use a sponge with a little bit of warm water and soap.

Open a stuck zipper

If you have a problem with opening a zipper, the WD-40 is a great way to lubricate the teeth and allow the zipper to smoothly cross over them. Sprinkle a little bit of WD-40 on the zipper and move it over the entire length. Gently pull it up and down until all the teeth are covered with liquid. This should facilitate the opening of the zipper.

Clean the toilet

Sprinkle a little WD-40 inside the toilet bowl, wait 60 seconds and then scrub it with the toilet brush. The solid components will melt the lime and dirt easily and quickly.

Remove the stuck ring

If your ring is stuck on your finger, then you will probably try to take it off with butter, oil or even soap. In any case, the WD-40 is certainly the best thing you can use. There is no smell and is not sticky. Moreover, its slippery content will loosen every ring that gets stuck on your finger without having to cut it off. We mean cutting off the ring J

Make waterproof shoes

What you need to do is spray a little bit of WD-40 on your shoes. The WD-40 will create a layer and make your shoes water-resistant. Namely, it will prevent salt stains show on your shoes. Moreover, you can also clean your shoes with this product, just spray it on your shoes and wipe it off afterward.

Remove glue

WD-40 is not only good for water removal, but also for removing glue from different surfaces. It is especially useful if you want to remove the glue from your skin, as it is very gentle on its surface. Just do not forget to wash your hands before you eat anything. WD-40 can even be used for removing the adhesive that is dried since it will dissolve it.

Get rid of wasps

The wasps don’t like the smell of WD-40 so it makes it the perfect tool for protecting against them. It also prevents the wasp from making nests in your home. Scroll WD-40 to places where the wasps could possibly be nestled and do not worry. You’ll be peaceful all summer. You will probably have to repeat the procedure every year.

Since it has different household uses, the WD-40 certainly deserves a place in your toolbox.

Reference: 13+ Amazing Uses for WD-40

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