What The Ocean Does To Your Brain

The ocean is healthy from any point of view. Thus, whenever you have an opportunity to enjoy in this expanse of salt water, you should take it, as it changes human perception and emotional state.

Plasticity is an ability of the human brain, which means that everything we see and experience effects it. Consequently, these effects can change its architecture, be it for better or worse.

For instance, looking at the ocean is similar to meditation, and can lead to a powerful change in our mental state.

It’s no wonder so many poets dedicate their verses to the ocean. This big body of water generates positive emotions and the perception of its waves can have a very calming effect on our nervous system. Here we show you a few of its effects.

What The Ocean Does To Your Brain

1. The Ocean Boosts Creativity

When we’re being surrounded by an overloaded environment, full of simultaneous stimuli, we are subject to stress. For example, this usually happens we drive during rush hour in a big city. We are surrounded by many cars, many people, noise, construction work… Our eyes meet hundreds of stimuli simultaneously, making us feel overwhelmed.

With the ocean, the opposite occurs. It is a large expanse of salt water, only a couple of elements stand out. There’s the blue or green color, the waves, the seabirds and perhaps some boats. We can fully identify every element. And, when we face this, our brain reacts by creating and imaging.

The environment enables us to allocate a good part of our resources to generate innovative thoughts, when in other more stimulating sights, we would have to allocate part of them to maintain attention.

2. The Ocean Facilitates Meditation

This large body of salt water is not just appealing to the eyes. It’s an experience that includes almost all the senses. It has a rhythmic hum, which you can hear with your ears. Simultaneously, its blue or green color is in tones that soothe the mind. There’s also the smell, with its mineral, fresh aroma and energizing feeling.

When combined together, all these things increase the generation of alpha waves in the brain, which are proper to sleep. However, in this case, they appear while we’re awake, because we have a fixed focus. This state of mind helps us eliminate the toxic elements of the mind, and can also be achieved through meditation.

3. Contributes To Relaxation And Decreases Anxiety

This might be the most visible effect of the ocean on the human brain. The movement, color and the gigantic body of water have a resting effect on the entire nervous system. We have a completely open space in front of our eyes, which is complemented by the infinite sky. This picture simply promotes a sense of tranquility.

Intuitively, the calm ocean also generates confidence. This is because it is a flat extension, where there are no ‘hidden’ places. There’s no sense of threats, and therefore, we don’t have those warning voices in our heads. The ultimate result is a relaxation of the nervous system.

In addition, we know it, biologically, that we come from there. That’s where life comes from. Therefore, we feel it to some extent ‘familiar’ and protective.

4. Stops Overthinking

When you think of an idea for a long period, returning to it again and again, you might end up obsessing about it. It just won’t go away! But, when you overthink, you can never reach a solution or a new conclusion. You only go back to the starting point. You ask similar questions and get similar answers. Frustrating, right?

The ocean helps us to cut through these harmful cycles of thoughts that look like a street with a dead-end. Usually, this mass of water is a space with little connection to our everyday lives, and therefore, can help us disengage from the obsessive ideas that so often chase us.


5. It Has A Relatively Hypnotic Effect

The simple contemplation of the ocean can help us to enter a new state of mind. As we said earlier, it promotes the generation of alpha waves. Simultaneously, from an emotional perspective, it exerts a great attraction. This leads to the concept of time being relativized. That’s why we can hours on the beach, gazing at the ocean without being fully aware of it.

The ocean is one of those wonders that nature has stored for us as a gift. It takes us to experience a transcendental moment and, at the same time, it’s rejuvenating.

For its extraordinary effects on the human brain, we can say that it’s an equivalent of a therapy. It is, without a doubt, one of the best places that we can go to when restlessness invades our everyday lives.

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