Why Do We Look More Attractive In The Mirror Than In Photos

Have you ever had the impression of not being the same person in front of a mirror and in photos? As if the camera had a filter that distorted reality, right? Unless it’s the mirror’s fault?! What do you think?

Here we show you which of these two elements best reflects our appearance, and why we often see ourselves differently in a mirror and in photos.

The Psychological Aspect

Most of the time, we look in the mirror when we are at home. This is a surrounding where we always feel free and relaxed. While in general, photos capture us in a ‘foreign territory’, where we might feel more tense and less prepared. This is why sometimes you find yourself perfect in front of a mirror before a party, but the photos of the event give you a completely opposite image.

The Angle

As it turns out, the human face is not symmetrical. This is more obvious in some people than in others. It’s kind of a source of confusion.

Every morning, we see ourselves in the mirror from the same angle, and suddenly, we get used to what we see. While in the photos, we do not know how, when and at what angle we will be photographed. Unless you are a star like Audrey Hepburn, who has almost always made sure to be photographed from the same angle.

The White Balance

Each light source emits light with a distinct color and temperature, being it more artificial or natural. However, when we look ourselves in the mirror, we do not realize these details because our brain, playing the role of a ‘super computer’, smooths the differences and shows the tones we are used to seeing. On the other hand, the photos capture the real lighting, with all the nuances of color temperature. This is why when we look in the mirror, we see ourselves as usual, despite the wide variety of light sources that illuminate our face. On the contrary, a simple photo can surprise us because it captures objectively all sources of light.

Concentration On Distinct Elements

Do not forget that, in general, when looking at our reflection, we focus our attention only on one part of our body or face. Usually, we tend not to see the whole image. While on a picture, we perceive the whole set, and we notice what seemed insignificant in the mirror. For example, a bad posture, awkwardly positioned arms, weird smile, etc.

A Mirror Reflection


In the mirror, we always see ourselves ‘reflected’ and we are used to perceiving ourselves in this way. While in the photos, we are like the others see us. It is precisely this external point of view that often surprises us in the photos.

If we take into account all that we have just said, we can consider that photos capture our essence better than the mirror. But do not worry if you do not like the photos. It might be a wrong timing, or you may have been nervous during the photoshoot. Or, you have not managed to say ‘cheese’! 🙂

What Lets Us See Our Real Selves: Photos or the Mirror?

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