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Why You Shouldn’t Eat Chicken Breasts With White Stripes

If the chicken breasts you buy have white stripes, they can hold much more fat than you might think. Hence, when you go shopping, pay attention! Do not buy meat that has them!

According to the animal welfare organization CIWF, short for Compassion in World Farming, most of the chicken meat we eat has a muscle disorder commonly known as white stripes.

But first, let’s start with the question: Why are we so fond of chicken breasts? Well, this meat has long been considered a healthy choice. Good nutrition lovers respect it because of the high-protein and low-fat content. Hence, many people choose it over other meats, such as beef.

Plus, many housewives appreciate the speed of preparation of this product, and the endless number of dishes that we can prepare from it. But, there is a catch!

Namely, the advertised chicken meat can be very dangerous for the human health. Do you wonder how to distinguish a quality product from a bad one? You just need to pay attention to one little thing! As we mentioned in the beginning – the white stripes!

The animal welfare group Compassion in World Farming is highlighting that the white stripes are a muscle disorder that can reduce the nutritional value of the chicken we eat, and consequently, affect the human health!

White Stripes In Chicken Breasts

Based on the campaign video published by the CIWF group, the so-called ‘white stripes’ condition refers to the fine white lines, which run in parallel to the muscle fibers on some parts of the chicken meat. These stripes indicate that a particular piece of chicken meat has less protein and more fat than a piece of chicken without stripes.

Thus, your chicken meal might not be as healthy as it seems.

Furthermore, the video shows that recently high demand for poultry has led many farmers to use genetically modified foods, so that the birds can grow faster and bigger. Health experts say that this genetic manipulation, as well as the poor conditions on the industrial farms, result in chicken meat that is larger and can be difficult to chew.

The number of studies that support the claim of the CIWF groups is huge.

Also, we need to embrace the fact that the presence of white stripes in chicken breasts has increased in recent years. Studies show that chickens today are sold much faster than 50 years ago, or to be more precise, in almost half the time. Also, they are double the size in body weight.

chicken breasts

Moreover, a recent study, after testing 285 chickens, has shown that 96 percent of them had white stripes.

In addition to making the poultry less nutritious, this condition also reduces the quality of life of the chickens. The Compassion in World Farming compares the white stripes to muscular dystrophy, or loss of muscle mass in human, claiming that the affected chickens endure the same chronic pain and suffering.

Thus, our ultimate advice for you is to pay attention to white stripes in chicken breasts! Don’t buy products that can damage your health!

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