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Wrap Your Legs In Cabbage For 60 Minutes And Say Goodbye To Joint Pain

In today’s contemporary and stressful lifestyle, rheumatic diseases are one of the most common problems we face. Studies show that in the US alone, more than 15 millions of people battle with joint pain every year. And, with each past year, the numbers are rising.

Even though cold and moist days are not the cause of rheumatic diseases, they certainly make worsen the condition. Changes in the atmospheric pressure, humidity and low temperatures affect the pain receptors, and therefore, the joint pain intensifies. That’s why most people affected by it feel as if the symptoms are worsening during autumn and winter.

Joint Pain

The knee joint is the most commonly injured joint of the human body. Patients who visit their doctor due to knee pain are mostly obese, as this the knee joint is the first to suffer due to the excessive weight it has to bear.

However, knee joint pain can be caused by other factors as well.

One of the common causes is inflammation of the tendon, known as tendinitis. If a person has injured its leg in the knee joint, and the pain has stopped and then returned again, it’s usually a sign of inflammation. Tendon inflammation usually does not cause redness or elevated body temperature.

Then we have gout, which is also a relatively common cause of joint pain. This health condition is a metabolic disorder that occurs due to increased levels of uric acid in the blood and body. When the levels of uric acid increase, monosodium urate crystals form in the joints and other parts of the body.

Runner’s knee is a type of pain that got its name for an obvious reason – it’s common among runners. People who have it feel pain in the back and around the knee area.

Traumatic knee injury is accompanied with bleeding and pain. In the medicine, this condition is known as hemartrosis. In addition to this, there’s also swelling and increased temperature in the area of the injured joint.

Other factors include:

– Broken bone
– Reactive arthritis
– Rheumatoid arthritis
– Psoriatic arthritis
– Septic arthritis
– Bursitis
– Hypothyroidism
– Rickets
– Strains and sprains

Wrist Pain

Wrist pain can often hamper movement of the joints, making most of the daily activities difficult.

Repetitive movements that stress the wrist can cause inflammation, fractures and pain.

In case of a sudden movement, it may come to a wrist sprain. In home conditions, you can treat the swollen wrist with ice or cabbage leaf wraps.

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs by pressing the median nerve in the carpal tunnel region. It’s manifested by a decrease in hand sensation, strong wrist pain, and a trembling and tingling of the arm.

Young adults may be affected by the Kienbock’s disease, a disorder of the small wrist bones.

Ganglion cyst is a swelling that occurs in the wrist, next to the palm. It’s usually painful, and over time, it may get worse.

Joint Pain In Pregnancy

Joint pain is very often during pregnancy. The main cause of the pain is the increased weight of the pregnant women and the unborn baby.

Thus, health experts recommend light physical activity, such as yoga or a walk, and supplements that will help strengthen the bones.

Cabbage Leaf Wraps For Joint Pain

joint pain

Cabbage leaf wraps are an amazing home remedy for joint pain. If used regularly, this treatment can ease your pain and reduce the swelling.

Namely, cabbage can help you in the treatment of rheumatic pain, inflammation of the muscles and varicose veins. Also, it’s effective against headaches and migraines. And, what’s best, it’s very easy to use!

Take a few cabbage leaves and wash them under running water. Allow them to dry. Next, remove the thick stems and soften the leaves with a rolling-pin, to release juice. Apply the cabbage leaves on the aching area and secure them with a piece of gauze.

Leave the cabbage leaf wraps for 60 minutes to do their magic. Repeat this treatment 2 times a day, for 1 week, or until the pain disappears.

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