Once Your Mom Is Gone, You’ll Realize That You’ve Lost Your Best Friend

Are you also one of those who realized that your mother was always right and that she was the only person who never made a mistake when giving you advice? As we get older and more mature, we increasingly realize that our mom is so much more than just a mom. She has her life story behind her, her ups, downs, and the obstacles that have shaped her into the person she is.

We have all had moments in our lives when our mothers upset and “annoy” us. This feeling is mostly present during our teenage years, and during that time of your life, you often experience your mother as your worst enemy. But as we grow older, we learn that our mother was almost always right and that she is our gift from God.

Losing Your Mother Is Just Like Losing A Part Of Yourself

Your mother is the only sincere friend in your life. She always has something wise to share with you from her vast life experience. Your mom always has the right answer to every question you have, just to put a smile on your face.

When you were little, she would read the same story every night and wouldn’t get bored until you fell asleep with a kiss on your cheek.  You should admire your mom because so much sincere love no one else in the world can give you. We make mistakes, but our mothers forgive us and love us no matter what. They are like the sun who wants to awake the flower in us. So, it can grow and blossom and be the most beautiful flower in this world. And when it is gone, there will be no more of that special Sun. Love and respect your mothers, because they have given you so much love and have suffered so much just to make us happy. The day you lose your mom will be the worst and saddest day of your life. When she leaves, everything will change forever.

You will begin to feel something you did not know existed. No matter how old you are, you will feel that this earth is missing your mother. You will think of something that has never occurred to you before. Moreover, you will realize how important and dear she was to you. How much you loved her, how you took her presence and love for granted.

Don’t let one day, when your mother is gone, to realize what you’ve had in your life. Respect and listen to your mother even when you don’t agree with her. Always call her and be there for her while she’s alive because once she’s gone there is no way back. Simple I love you mom, it’s enough.


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