Zodiac Signs With Low Libido

You may often engage in sexual intercourse, but you feel like you have other priorities in life. If you find yourself or your partner in this sentence, then you should learn what your zodiac sign has to tell you about it. Here we show you a list of zodiac signs with low libido, who simply don’t like having sexual intercourse.

Zodiac Signs With Low Libido

1. Gemini

Sex is something that is not critical to the people born in this sign. But, this does not mean that they do not enjoy the sexual act like everyone else. Gemini have their priorities, and sex is not the number one on their list. There are much more important things in life for these people, such as communication. Some may even go that far and commit to celibacy until they find someone who will stimulate them mentally with the same intensity as they do physically.

2. Virgo

Virgos are completely indifferent to your performance in bed. Yes, they enjoy the sexual act, but don’t like to hear about your sexual adventures. The act of making love is a private matter to people born under the sign of Virgo. Therefore, if you want to remain their friends, you shouldn’t talk or brag about this topic. The fastest way to lose a Virgo is boasting about your achievements in bed.

3. Libra

Even though people born under the zodiac sign Libra can fully enjoy in the sexual act, they see it as only a small part of the bigger image. Libras are a sensual partner, but they never consider themselves a slave to bodily sensations. According to them, marriage is not maintained with sexual pleasure, but with mutual understanding, common language and an emotional connection. Thus, they often look for this spiritual connection before engaging in sex.


4. Sagittarius

If you ask a Sagittarius about the importance of sex, he/she will tell you that it does not mean anything special to them. Namely, people born under this zodiac sign will gladly venture into the sexual act to satisfy their needs, but they are not dependent on it. Sagittarius is constantly looking for a special, deeper connection, which cannot be experienced in a bodily manner.

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